Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unhappy with the size of your....story?

It dawned on me today that Stay Of Exexution could end up being very short. I've always been one for brevity and what have you when it came to writing. One of the reasons I've always done poetry and short stories. I thought Stay could be a novel. Then the more I wrote, the more I thought "hey this would make a great script!" More being a relative term here. As I was writing some today and thinking of where the story was going and where I'm at now, I realized I could almost be done. Usually this is a great place to be. Problem is, I only have 24 pages written. And by written I mean hand written, so I'm figured typed we're talking less. This could end up being more of a short story which is NOT what I wanted. I wanted a novel, a book. And then I revised that to a script. Though I am still writing it in story form. Scripts being one page per minute of screen time, we're talking and hour show with commercials here. Again NOT my idea! I'm gonna keep writing the way I have been on it. I really think I need someone to read it over and tell me what I need though.

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  1. Sorry for the belated comment, but I can relate to this. Sometimes story ideas come at me in a rush, and I write down what I get, hoping to expand upon it later, but later isn't as productive as I want it to be. I've started outlining stories and plotting the narrative arcs in order to get a firmer grasp on where the story goes and what it's saying. I hope this helps!