Monday, May 18, 2009

A new story and trying to focus.

Well I drempt an entire love story from beginning to end last nite. It's basic. Nothing really major or out of the ordinary. The typical two people meet under weird circumstances. Don't really like each other at first but things grow blah blah blah. It was really weird because there was music playing in the background as the dream was ending. Music I never heard before, so I basically wrote the story and soundtrack all in my head LOL.

I made a decision years ago to turn my dreams into stories because they're usually so weird. The problem lately is that I usually forget them before I get a chance to write them down. That didn't happen today. As soon as I got up I wrote down the basic dream so I can remember it later when I try to write it all up.

As for focusing, I think I need meds to try to keep all of this together. I have like 5 different stories going right now. Only three I really know where I'm going. One of those I haven't even begun to write on though I do have it almost all in my head. The other one is probably the most likely to get done at the moment. I have a pretty good idea where it's going. And now this newest one as of last nite. Wait, there is another one too that is finished but really sketchy. It's definitely one I need to fill in a lot more. That one is done though except for the fleshing out parts.

I have to start sending my poetry out to different places. I'm still too afraid to do that for fear of it getting stolen etc. Yet I sit here with all of this stuff and nobody on earth ever knowing it exists. Yeah that was a great idea. I'll show them.