Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Unhappy with the size of your....story?

It dawned on me today that Stay Of Exexution could end up being very short. I've always been one for brevity and what have you when it came to writing. One of the reasons I've always done poetry and short stories. I thought Stay could be a novel. Then the more I wrote, the more I thought "hey this would make a great script!" More being a relative term here. As I was writing some today and thinking of where the story was going and where I'm at now, I realized I could almost be done. Usually this is a great place to be. Problem is, I only have 24 pages written. And by written I mean hand written, so I'm figured typed we're talking less. This could end up being more of a short story which is NOT what I wanted. I wanted a novel, a book. And then I revised that to a script. Though I am still writing it in story form. Scripts being one page per minute of screen time, we're talking and hour show with commercials here. Again NOT my idea! I'm gonna keep writing the way I have been on it. I really think I need someone to read it over and tell me what I need though.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Macabre News = Inspiration

Well, for the moment at least, my writer's block is over. I started working on Stay Of Execution again. One of the things that prompted this was a local news story. On Tues. a murderer from Warren was executed, so they had a couple days' write up on the story. Went thru the whole what would happen, the last hours, final meal, statement etc. Plus revisited his crime. He had gone on a killing spree where he had been fired a couple months earlier. Shot and killed one guy, beat a woman to death with a chair and shot and wounded another guy back in 91.

I also fleshed out a couple ideas for the plot and a few twists too. One twist actually spurred another idea completely, so we'll see where that will go. It feels good though knowing I'm progressing here. I have this idea in my head and keep playing it over and over till it's almost taken on a historical value somewhat, yet nobody else on earth has ever seen any of it. Well, I take that back. I let my girlfriend read it a while back.

I still think it would make a great screenplay, but first things first. It needs written first, then we'll see what other forms it goes into.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Damn Facebook and a need for inspiration.

I completely forgot about this site since I've been on Facebook. And it's not like I've really written a ton of intelligent stuff on there. Blurbs mainly. I guess I'm now truly a 21st century guy.

I gotta tell ya, I've been my own worst enemy the last couple of months. I have this whole malaise (malais?) going on where I'm not real happy with my jobs or lot in life in general. I feel like I'm in transition...even though I'm not sure what I'd be transitioning to. I just know it's away from my current situation.

This leads me to the whole writing problem. Which is that I haven't been writing at all. I keep telling myself that the whole artistic, musical, writing side of me is basically a teenage pipe dream. I'm in the whole "why are you wasting your time when you should be out looking for a REAL job" mode.

The sad thing is I know that's not true. Hell people write stuff and become successful on some level all the time. Why can't I be one of those people? How am I any different than any of them? I'm not.

And still the "grow up" voice persists....

This really sucks. I gotta tell ya.