Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Buckling Down a.k.a Writing is like moving.

I think I spelled that wrong. Whatever the -ing version of buckle is. I need to do it. I have 4 or 5 stories I've NOT been working on. Weird thing is, I have them completely thought out from beginning to end in my head. I only have the beginnings of them actually written down though.

There are a couple reasons for this:
1. the whole 2 jobs thing.
2. I'm now dating someone so my spare time has been spent "not writing." lol.
3. I'm lazy. and the most important and problematic reason
4. I have this "why bother? this is all pipe dream stuff, you should just try to do a REAL job instead of this dreaming."

That last one really bothers me. I keep telling myself that I should just do writing as a hobby instead of actually trying to pursue anything. Then I think that if it is just a hobby, I can put it off and do it at my leisure. THEN I never have any real leisure time, so I never do anything with it. Then....then....you get the point. I don't know. Not sure how that's gonna resolve itself. I guess I need to know it's worth it when deep down I know it can be. I need to know it on the surface too so I actually do something about it instead of just thinking ideas and never doing anything about them.

This gets to the whole "writing is like moving." That's a Dave Zarlengo original by the way. I'll explain. When you decide you want to move it sounds great in theory. Going somewhere better, moving on with your life etc. Then there is the actual "moving" part. The actual grabbing every single piece of stuff in your place, packing it, carrying it to the car or moving van, unpacking every single piece and putting every single piece in the new place.

Writing is exactly the same. You come up with an idea. You're excited. Have the entire thing thought out. But you have to actually WRITE it. Every single word, sentence, paragraph etc from beginning to end. It's a lot like cleaning out a closet and packing all the stuff in it one at a time. Real easy to get bogged down in the particulars.

Oh well, I'm losing my train of thought here. I'm at work and have been here since 4pm. (It's now 12:45am and I'll be here till 8.) And I'm the staff lol.


  1. But when you move, you get this great new living space, and when you write, you get this great new masterpiece, ready to share with the world. So it's good to move! And to write. When you get the time. :-) Love the list from the screenwriting site, btw, thx!

  2. Great analogy. I don't know if I told you, but I'm not at my library job anymore, so I'm writing full time now. The novel is coming along, and I'm marketing two short pieces right now. Good luck on your stories.

  3. No I didn't know you left the library. Speaking of marketing, can you send me any links or info on places to market different writings? I was thinking of doing that too but have no idea where to look. I googled it but didn't really find what I was looking for. Short stories, articles, stuff like that.