Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Writing Frenzy

Well I've been working on different parts of my newest story. The love story from my dream a little while ago. Last nite I worked a midnite shift and was working on it about 5am. You'd be surprised how the brain works at 5am. Interesting. As I was writing out this one scene it reminded me of another dream I had but completely forgot about. I'm really glad it came back though because it was WHACKED.

There is a knack to writing out dreams in order for them to be really effective. The thing about dreams is that certain emotions are extremely amplified. Humor, fear, love etc. Not all of them, but some are. The key, I think is that when you write out a scene from a dream, you need to convey that exaggarated emotion. Take fear for instance. If you have a dream where there is this feeling of extreme fear. When you write that scene, you have to do it in a way so that the reader experiences the same level of fear as you did when you experienced it in the dream.

Ok enough of Creative Writing 101. Point is, I've sort of opened a mini Pandora's box lately. It seems that if I think about certain stories or actually write parts of them, it triggers even other stuff creatively. I have to make sure to keep this going. Just let it come out. Lord knows it will make up for the periods when I do nothing. Wasn't I just in one of those? I think so.


  1. I have this great book called Creating Character Emotions somewhere in this mess of an office. It shows how to amplify emotional settings through characterization. I'm sure you do a fine job without it, though. Just that it's helped me. As for dreams, they make great fodder for stories! Glad to see you're still plugging on.

  2. My biggest problem is fleshing out parts of a story without it sounding like I'm doing that for volume's sake. I'll check that book out. Heck any help works for me. Thanks